A Closer Look at Trinity United Church

Ever since Trinity was built 20 years ago, the round windows in the Narthex have been waiting to fulfill their destiny -- they were supposed to be stained glass windows. However, during construction, money dwindled and they were never completed.

Following Thelma Smith's passing a few years ago, her family decided they wanted to make one of her dreams come true -- to have a memorial window at Trinity for their father, Jim Smith. Thelma's family thus wanted a window to be in memory of both Jim and Thelma. With that as encouragement, Jean Bolt (who created the other stained glass windows at Trinity) designed the new windows and the task was contracted out to Carousel Glass in Ridgetown.

During this process the Bolt Family decided they would donate the second window in memory of Madeline Bolt, their grandmother and a former organist, and their father, Paul Bolt. The windows were installed last winter and dedicated in March.

The windows, containing all the colours of the church year, have a symbolic Rose of Sharon (another name for Jesus) at their centre, and it is through these windows that the love of Christ shines to spread his light to the world.

(Left) One of the beautiful banners made by the ladies of the church to beautify the sanctuary and to instil a feeling of warmth and love to all those who view it.