Ministerial Musings...

May 2017

Dear Trinity Friends,

As I look out the window of my office at home, I look directly into the tree tops and see the
wonderful green evidence that nature has again performed the annual miracle called Spring.
Just weeks ago what I saw was the branchy skeleton of the tree which now is clothed in
lush green. I hear the delightful song of birds through my open window. Creation is
awakening from its winter slumber. It is an annual display of the power of resurrection.

How easy it is for us to take this annual miracle for granted! How easy it is for us to hardly
even see it in the midst of our busy lives and preoccupations. Indeed if I did not have to
write this letter for this Newsletter, I probably would have missed this opportunity to see –
to truly see- and give thanks!

As you read this, I invite you to pause. Take moment to look around you and to see with
eyes looking to see the blessings in your life and in creation. Don’t let a busy life numb you
to the everyday miracles which are in your life. Take a moment to give thanks and share

No matter what problems or stresses you are dealing within your life right now, living with
an attitude of thanksgiving can only make things better. You are blessed and God is with
you. We are glad that you are part of our Trinity Church Family.

This Newsletter contains information about recent events and plans for future activities in
our church life. Read and take note on your calendar. We love it when you are here and

The Staff looks forward to some vacation time for rest and renewal this summer. We hope
that you too will enjoy the slower pace of the summer.


From the desk of Sandra Maltby-Mills

It's a wonderful feeling when you are wrapping up a year and you are already looking
forward to the next year. I started without much experience in youth ministry, in September,
and have learned my way through the church year. It's been an adventure exploring the
meaning of bible stories, our thoughts and questions about God, and our Christian values
and leadership. The children have been wonderfully attentive and amaze me with their
insight and questions. Since the new year, as a youth group we have participated in
community building activities such as: games night, curling, gymnastics, swimming,
painting, bowling, and we will be finishing with some gardening, building and chimes at
Fairfield Park. Thank you to all the families who have participated and helped their
children attend. I am grateful for the encouragement and support of Christine Button, Julie
Forgie and Cheryl Kirk, and also those who have spoken with me from the
congregation. This summer I plan to look ahead, organizing curriculum and projects for our
youth for the upcoming year.

And on the pastoral care side of things... I continue to enjoy my visits at Fairfield,
Wallaceburg Retirement Residence, the Oaks, and in-home. Over this past year, sadly the
numbers have grown smaller. When I walk past their old rooms, I fondly remember their
spirit along with the conversations, smiles and tears we shared.
Trinity Yoga will be finishing for the summer at the end of May. There are plans to start
again in the fall. Our widow group has met for a number of lunches, an outing to plant a
dish garden, and a dinner and show is coming up. I would like to extend a thank you to all
in the congregation who provide pastoral care and support to each other. Special thanks
goes out to Rita Walker who delivers bulletins to our members in nursing homes, and sends
out cards to members as needed. We also appreciate the efforts of Brenda DeJong and
Evelyn Radomski providing treats for us to mingle over after church. And the list could go
on and on when I start mentioning everyone as individuals and how they help out. Thank
you to all!

This church is a vibrant and supportive community. It is an honor to serve you.

Have a wonderful summer!

Pastoral Care and Youth Ministry Coordinator