Ministerial Musings...

September 2017

Dear Trinity Friends,

I am at the cottage as I write this … and it is raining. While we never really like a rainy day when
at the cottage or especially while camping, this is a welcome rain. The dry earth has been crying
for it. The yellowy-brown colour of the grass signals its parched state, seeming to cry, “Water!”
You could almost hear it gasp!

There is something comforting about sitting in a cozy and dry chair on the screen porch, observing
the sights and sounds and fragrance of the rain. It feels like an invitation to curl up with a good
book, perhaps a nap included. Equally it can be a good time to get a deck of cards or a board game
for some family fun at the table.

There is no need to force yourself out to stain the deck or cut the lawn or clear the eaves trough.
It’s raining.

Perhaps the rain provides the excuse to do what you really need to do… to take some down time
for yourself or to bond with the family over a rousing game of ‘Spoons’.

Perhaps too, the rain serves as a reminder to pay attention to the inner world which gets neglected.
Perhaps it is an invitation to consider the state of our spiritual landscape.

Is your spirit like the dry, brown grass, gasping from the spiritual drought of your life?
Or is your spiritual life, full and green, nourished daily by the life-giving water of God?

As one of our hymns says:

Drink deep this source of life.
Drink deep and know.
For living water sings,
and living water brings
the love that makes our spirit grow.

Words and music copyright © 2003 Jim Hannah.

Urging you to ‘drink deep’,

From the desk of Sandra Maltby-Mills

The breeze blows cooler. The nights need a sweater. The crickets chirp louder. The colourful blooms are starting to fade. Summer has produced its glory and the year is moving on to our next season. Are you ready for fall?

I am asking myself if I am ready...?! This is an exciting time for me. I am enrolled at the Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg. The courses offered this year are for pastoral care and social justice – with topics such as Listening as Ministry, Grief and Loss, Relationships, and Right Relations. I have started on the readings and just had confirmation for the placement.

My placement is at St. Andrews Residence for 10-12 hours a week. With readings, reflections, assignments and placement on top of my current responsibilities, it will be a bit of a whirlwind! However, I am up for the challenge and I always look forward to the learning!

Ready or not the seasons change and our tasks are laid before us…

Pastoral Care Ministry
Yoga classes will be starting up again for the fall on September 18th. It will run on Monday nights from 6:00-7:00 pm. If you are needing some relaxation and rejuvenation, come on out. Any ability is welcome. Chairs and modifications will be available. Join us for gentle stretching and strengthening. Focus, concentration and mindfulness is addressed. Breath work is used to physiologically restore the body. Body, mind and spirit are united and restored. Please invite your friends. All are welcome.

I am working on booking a workshop for loneliness and depression. We are hoping to have two sessions this fall in October or November. I will keep you posted and give more details once they are set. Please let me know if you would like to attend.

Youth Ministry
It will be great to see the children again on a more regular basis. We had a great time playing shuffleboard in August. Thank you to the shuffleboard group for the use of the equipment. In September, we will be apple picking for Salvation Army again. Anyone is welcome to join us! We will also be adding our contribution to the Breads of the World service. The fall brings Creation season. In Trinity Kids, we are looking into some amazing things about creation, learning to really see God in what is around us, and what we can do to preserve it.

I would like to share a quote that keeps me grounded and present:
“Faith does not need to push the river because faith is able to trust that there is a river. The river is flowing. We are in it.”
― Richard Rohr

Pastoral Care and Youth Ministry Coordinator