Ministerial Musings...

Lent 2018

Dear Trinity Friends,
We are well into the 40 days of the Season of Lent. Our theme this year is Show Me. Rather than focusing on things that Jesus said (which was my original intention), we are holding our looking glass up to see what Jesus did. We are looking at Jesus’ actions to see what they teach us about how to live a life that is pleasing to God and which leads us into the ways of the Kingdom of love and justice which Jesus talked about so much. I assume that you have heard the saying, ACTIONS speak louder than words. So our focus is on actions that speak loudly about living in God’s Way.

If you are unable to be with us for worship, I invite you to join in the theme anyway. Simply pull out your
Bible, pick a gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) and begin to read. Pay attention to what Jesus does. How do his actions speak about what he values and what he believes he is called to do? Try to ‘hear’ the message of his actions. Then go to the Show Me part of the focus. Try to do deeds similar to what Jesus did. Show what you believe in your actions.

Easter Sunday this year falls on April 1st which is April Fool’s Day. It seems to be a coincidence too
delightful to ignore. So to mark both days, we are going to bring back an old custom.

Do you remember the Easter Bonnets that we used to wear many years ago? We are bringing them back.

You are encouraged to bring an Easter Bonnet to church on April 1st. You might make one and decorate it with Easter Symbols, or simply wear a favourite hat that you love to wear because it makes you happy.

Gentlemen, if you cannot get your head around wearing a bonnet, you can don a chapeau (hat) of any type or an Easter/Resurrection tie. The idea is to have some fun!

Easter is a day for rejoicing in the power of resurrection and new life. Please bring your bonnet or chapeau in a bag. At a special moment in the service, we will don our hats! Being ‘Fools for Christ’
is scriptural (points if you can find that reference!).

Come join the fun and celebrate New Life!!


From the desk of Sandra...

I wait. My fingers are poised over the keyboard anticipating a tumble of words. I wait. Nothing. I tune in to the rhythm of my breath. Rising. Falling. Rising. Falling. I melt into this wave of rhythm. I hear the wave of sound outside my office as it swells, crests and dies away with each passing car. It too rising and falling. I become aware of time passing in this way. The day begins, builds and falls away. Each week, each month, each season begins and builds to fall away. Our lives move into a crest of busyness, sometimes turmoil and trouble, sometimes excitement and joy and then lull. The cycle of life.

So often we get caught up in the center of that cycle. We either worry it will never end or we want it to go on forever. But it can’t – the cycle of life. This can be a comfort knowing this too shall pass. Other imes there is a sadness or grief. I am reminded of a poem:

I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.
WENDELL BERRY, “The Peace of Wild Things”

As we move through lent I hope we can all find the peace of wild things, the peace of the moment, the still water, the ever present light, the grace of God and freedom

Pastoral Care: Yoga classes will be running through March until Easter. All are welcome to join our yoga class for physical, mental and spiritual balance. The chime sessions at Fairfield are still going well. We are looking forward to learning some new Easter hymns. The widow’s group is strong and growing. I would like to share some feedback I received: "Thank you for arranging these events.... I am so glad that
there are so many getting together. It’s a different kind of life after loss. We adjust. With God's love and guidance, we move ahead. :) It helps to meet with others that have experienced the same. Enjoying lunch and attending events in groups brings purpose and fun!"
Youth: We have had a great time at our games night and trying out pickle ball. Thank you to Herb Dejong for his time and expertise showing us how play. It’s been nice to have parents join us as well for
some of the events! We have a record breaking number of Kraft Dinner boxes, we are almost up to 1200! (just 33 more) The kids had a great time constructing the castle. This will be sure to stock the
Salvation Army shelves! We are planning an excursion for an Escape Room challenge coming up later this month. I am excited for this trip and hope we can get lots out.

Peace to you,
Sandra Maltby-Mills,
Pastoral Care and Youth Ministry